Ok, here is 2.2.16i diff. It is made against clean 2.2.16 kernel. (it should already be included in 2.2.17pre14 and up)


Ok, here is 2.2.16h diff. It is made against clean 2.2.16 kernel, and should fix all known hardlink problems (mostly regarding hardlinks across directories). I have one more little patch, so 2.2.16i will be out in next few days if I can make it.
Here is latest umsdos-2.2.14g patch against clean 2.2.14 kernel (instead of clean 2.2.14, you may use 2.2.12/2.2.13 patched with umsdos-2.2.13b patch below). umsdos-2.2.14g is already included in latest Alan Cox 2.2.15-prepatches, so if you are running those, you are up-to-date.

The stuff fixed in this is:

If you still don't use 2.2.14 (for example because it break EXT3 patches), here is patch for 2.2.12/2.2.13. It fixes UMSDOS_STAT_DOS errors when running umssync(8) utility and also fixes FIFO bug (see below). This is against clean 2.2.13, so you need to un-apply old fix first before applying this one.
(it was wrong file linked here, so if you downloaded it before or on 21 Dec 1999, please get it again. Sorry)
2.2.x kernels before 2.2.11 do not use Viro's FAT patches, and are not very usable for UMSDOS. If you must use those versions, and have UMSDOS problems, try applying latest Viro fat-patch, to be found here.

FIFOs are broken in 2.2.7 - 2.2.13. If you are using pseudo-root (eg. booting from UMSDOS filesystem), and your kernel boots and starts init and init then barfs (OOPS or hardlock), this is most probably this.
This is contained in above latest 2.2.12/2.2.13 patch, but if you must use some older 2.2.x version, you need to apply this patch on top of any other UMSDOS patches. (note that 2.2.14 already includes all this) Here is some info and fix for HARDLINK BUG