This section contains latest umssync, udosctl, umssetup and other UMSDOS related utilities. Development versions can be found here. (you have anonymous CVS access as well as nightly snapshots).

Latest stable version is here.
Changes in 1.32: needed for UVFAT support
Changes 1.13 to 1.14: some fixes for newer gcc, smarter .spec file
Changes 1.12 to 1.13: it includes somewhat saner handling when file is misidentified as dir due to broken EMD file.
You can build SRPM & RPM from it with 'rpm -ta umsdos_progs-1.14.tgz'

OLD precompiled RH6.2 i386 binary is here. Note that major version bump is purely to avoid confusion and make it clear what version is last, and not to signify great changes is code.